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Surrey Square Wheelers

The Surrey Square Wheelers Club was formed to provide a place where dancers may enjoy dancing together in a spirit of friendliness and co-operation and where each member is given the opportunity of sharing in the club's operation and responsibilities.

Read a copy of our constitution to find out more about our club.

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What is Square Dancing all about?

Square dancing originated with the settlers who came to this country, bringing with them their traditional dancing--what some would call folk dancing. As the settlers from different countries gathered, the various dances changed and merged, and were guided by a caller who remembered the dance steps. This tradition became square dancing, which continues today.

Modern square dancing differs from what we may have learned in school gymnasiums. Whereas old time dances such as the Virginia Reel had set steps and moves, today's square dancing has no set patterns. Dancers learn a number of moves that the caller puts together to form a dance or tip. Square dance music includes "pop", show tunes, "golden oldies and even country music. Since dancers vary in their physical ability and their desire to achieve, there are various dance levels such as Mainstream, Plus, Advanced and Challenge which give everyone a level that they can enjoy.

What is square dancing? 

  • dancing as participants move in time to the music
  • exercise as dancers walk, turn, and twirl 
  • social as members meet and get to know each other 
  • cooperative as dancers work together to execute a sequence of dance moves ("calls") 
  • puzzle solving where dancers interpet the calls a caller gives 
Wikipedia has an excellent description of Modern Square Dancing at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_Western_square_dance

Come and join our club!

Square Dancing Begins in September and ends in May of each year.

This Week's Thought

Our Charity of Choice...

Each year, Surrey Square Wheelers holds a "Happiness Dance" as the main fundraiser for our perennial designated charity, The Centre for Child Development.

This organization was originally formed in 1953 by a group of parents who wanted the new Lower Fraser Valley Cerebral Palsy Association to provide transportation so that their children could attend the G.F. Strong Centre in Vancouver. But, the population in the Fraser Valley increased and there was more demand for support and therapeutic services with a wide range of disabilities, a more local Child Development Centre was built in Surrey in 1973.

Now, the Centre for Child Development has a number of outreach sites throughout the Fraser Valley from Delta to Abbotsford providing services to children and youth up to 19 years old who have complex, severe, and enduring developmental disabilities. The Centre's support, therapy and care, assist more than 2400 children per year providing long-term and complex care.

in 2014, The Centre established Sophie's Place where physically, mentally and sexually abused children, up to the age 18, are provided with specialized services in a caring and healing environment

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